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How to Shovel Snow Without Hurting Your Back

While this hasn’t been the worst snow we’ve had this year, it’s still a good time to review ways to protect your back when shoveling snow on your sidewalks and driveway. Shovel snow without hurting your back: 1. Warm your body up before going outside. So many people throw on their snow gear and immediately

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Is Running Good or Bad for Your Back?

Bad, Bad, Bad. It has to be right? The repetitive shock to the spinal joints obviously wears the spine out, right? We get asked about running and back pain a lot. Recently I came across a research article that perfectly highlighted the answer we’ve always given. In the following paragraphs we’ll break down back pain,

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Five Ways to Treat Your Own Headaches!

Nothing can bring a day to a screeching halt as much as a headache. They can be anywhere from a mild annoyance to leaving you out of commission for days. People regularly come to us because they are desperate and haven’t found a way to treat their own headaches. We understand it isn’t always possible

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