Chiropractic Myth Busting 3.0


“I’ve always heard that once I start going to a chiropractor, I’ll have to keep going the rest of my life.”

False. My goal has always been to work myself out of a job with each patient. Some cases are really straightforward and only require a few visits; others are more complex and have lengthier treatment plans. But, in both cases, I’m continuously trying to find the right combination of treatment and exercises that will resolve each condition. 

I do have some patients that come to me regularly because they like how they feel after a treatment, but it is never required for a patient to have ongoing treatments. 

When you come to me, we will figure out what your needs are and how to best get you past your ailment.

“Chiropractors only work on your back.”

Partially false. It depends on the chiropractor. There are some chiropractors who only treat the first bone in your neck. Some that only work on your spine. Others only work on joints but no soft tissue work or exercises. Then, there are chiros like me that work on everything and have integrated physical therapy, exercise therapy, and soft-tissue work into their offered treatments. There are even PTs that have incorporated adjustments into their treatments. It’s becoming less about the specific field and more about finding the person that best addresses your needs.

“You say you’re a sports chiropractor, but I’m not an athlete, so I shouldn’t come to you.”

False. Every chiropractor is properly trained on how to treat the everyday needs and ailments of the body; that is our foundation. However, there are greater demands of the body when sports and athletics are introduced that require more extensive education and training. Being a sports chiro simply means I decided I wasn’t done with school and kept adding more knowledge to my foundation which allows me to treat a wider variety of injuries and ailments. Not only do I know how to handle the greater demands on athletes, but I can also use that extra training to help everyone else resolve their issues quicker with more advanced treatments.

“Chiropractic is dangerous for your neck.”

False. Chiropractic is very safe. Some adjustments can appear aggressive, but in reality, are gentle and safe.

There is actually more strain put on the arteries in your neck by looking as far over your shoulder as you can (like looking into the back of your car) than there is during an adjustment. In fact, to damage an artery, that artery has to be stretched to at least 140% of its original length; an adjustment stretches it only 6%. 

The rate of strokes leaving your primary care doctor’s office is actually the same as leaving your chiropractor’s office; it isn’t that either has caused the stroke, it is the fact that the early signs of a stroke are headaches and neck pain. When people are experiencing headaches and neck pain, they often go to their primary care doctor or chiropractor for help, so people in the early stages of a stroke mistakenly interpret those stroke symptoms as standard neck pain and headaches. If properly evaluated, patients having a stroke will be caught.