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Chiropractic Care (Adjustments / Manipulation / Mobilization)

Chiropractic care covers a lot of bases and in order to stay on top of these natural ways to treat body and spine function, Active Health KC Chiropractic & Rehab offers a wide variety of chiropractic care services and treatments to our Kansas City area patients.

Our doctors are dedicated to providing organic, safe remedies to pain, the causes of pain, but most importantly to our individual patients.  We work to treat the patient, not the problem, so health plans are designed specifically for each person we see.


Chiropractic Care and the Spine

Chiropractic care is a natural, non-surgical, drug-free treatment involving manipulation or adjustments used to release restricted joints of the spine and extremities. Joints often become restricted due to improper posture, trauma, injury, or poor muscle activity.

Chiropractic treatments are administered by chiropractors, doctors educated in musculoskeletal and spinal function through natural techniques that inspire organic healing without the need for surgery or pain-relieving medications.

The benefits of chiropractic care are far-reaching as it offers comfort to both body and mind.  Chiropractors treat their patients through spinal manipulation done by hand to aid in spinal correction and integrity.


Does Chiropractic Care Work?

Chiropractic care has been used for over 100 years and with evolving techniques and technology, it won’t be going anywhere soon.  It’s the world for its safety and noninvasive techniques that get real results while offering insight into a healthy lifestyle.

Spinal manipulation is a natural way to reduce pain while it remedies underlying pain-causing problems, often providing immediate relief to the patient.  Some will encounter slight discomfort after a visit, however, that should dissipate in a day or less.

A restricted joint can cause nearby joints to move excessively, which can lead to degeneration and pain. Restricted joints can also cause improper movement and motor patterns causing inflammation in muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments. By applying an adjustment to a restricted segment, we can gain motion in the joint that could not be gained with only exercise or posture correction.

In addition to increased motion, adjusting also relieves pain and relaxes over-active muscles. This relaxation can cause decreased inflammation allowing the involved structures to heal properly. Furthermore, manipulation of a joint increases proprioception (awareness of the positioning of a joint of the body in space) allowing the body to better understand and control itself.


Determining whether to visit a chiropractor shouldn’t cause you anxiety, below are some of the benefits that chiropractic patients enjoy:

  • Improves body pain, mobility, range of motion, and body health
  • Offers muscle strengthening
  • Provides a speedy recovery process naturally, without the use of drugs
  • Offers a peaceful mind as it decreases stress both physically and mentally
  • Improves sleep and energy
  • Improves body performance for everyday routines, such as job or athletics
  • And more


The reasons to visit our Prairie Village chiropractic office are limitless, however, if you are experiencing any of the following, we recommend coming in to see us as soon as you can:


Chiropractic care is proven to help manage the pain caused by numerous spinal issues but also treats the injury itself in order to provide a healthy body that can heal naturally.  Allowing the natural healing process to occur strengthens the body and provides a quicker, often more effective, process.


Chiropractic Care Techniques

Manipulations come in many forms. We use a wide variety of adjustments. All the way from HVLA (High Velocity, Low Amplitude, makes the “popping” sound) adjustments to softer, more gentle mobilizations.

If the patient is nervous about a standard chiropractic adjustment, we can instead provide a mobilization to the restricted joints, which uses less force and usually does not produce cavitation (the popping sound).

While versed in numerous adjusting techniques, Drs. Cotter and Remsburg primarily use adjustments and mobilizations as taught by the Motion Palpation Institute (MPI), a biomechanically superior, evidence-based joint manipulation protocol.

Both Doctor Cotter and Doctor Remsburg were picked to be presidents of the school MPI organization and teach other students the treatment protocols. To this day, they both assist in teaching students and other chiropractors this technique at Kansas City MPI seminars.

Offering a wide range of techniques to our patients allows us to find the best treatment for each individual in hopes to create the quickest and most efficient plan possible.


Some of the techniques we use :

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS): this technique is the most commonly used adjustment therapy and uses a short (low-amplitude), quick (high-velocity) thrust over the targeted joints in order to restore comfort and range of motion.

Functional rehabilitation and exercise therapy: this is a noninvasive, safe way to provide pain management that contributes to the body’s performance through rehab and exercise and stretching plans.

Dry needling: using needles to treat tense or tight muscles will support functioning muscles and offers fast relief to the targeted area.

McKenzie Method (MDT): our doctors are certified in MDT, a series of tests that allow us to determine posture and body mobility, allowing us to understand how the body works so we can create a smart wellness plan for the patient.

Muscle and soft tissue therapy/myofascial release: this technique offers relief to pain connected to muscles or nerves that aren’t moving correctly.

Nerve flossing: this gentle exercise stretches the affected nerve(s) in order to improve range of motion and minimize pain.


Our chiropractic team will always provide wellness advice that the patient should use at home or office to help maintain a healthy body and lifestyle  Whether it’s exercises, diet, or de-stressing activities, the goal is to keep the patient from reinjury or having to return to our office.


What to Expect from Your Chiropractic Care Health Plan

We can only determine an educated health plan with our patients after we know the specific issues and ultimate goals of each individual.  We want everybody who walks through our door to achieve the success they deserve and the odds are on their side.

We will come up with a plan to meet the needs, limitations, and comfort level of the patient and offer overall lifestyle advice for those looking for it.  Many patients come to us for our expertise in spinal adjustments, but we provide a very personalized plan that offers so much more to their experience.

Having active, healthy lifestyles ourselves, we know how to help prevent injuries proactively and how to guide patients into long-term body wellness.

Life should not be lived in pain and finding a way to safely and noninvasively treat our patients is the goal of our chiropractic team.

We invite anyone who is struggling with pain or trying to manage body discomfort themselves to come in and see us for a chiropractic care consultation.