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Fixing Sciatica with Nerve Flossing – Part 2

There are numerous things that cause sciatica or sciatic like pain. Last week we looked at disc herniations or disc bulges putting pressure on the nerve roots and causing sciatica. The focus of this article will be on adhesions along the sciatic nerve that cause sciatica and how nerve flossing can help. I’ve always pictured

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Shoulder Pain – Part 1

Rotator Cuff Tears and Shoulder Pain Surgery Right? Dr. Tom Cotter, DC, DACRB Active Health KC   So often we hear of a friend or family member that has been struggling with ongoing shoulder pain. Most try to ignore it for a while. Eventually they go to their doctor. The doctor takes either an X-ray

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Headaches and Posture – Part 4.

Headaches and How to Fix Them – Part 4 Posture and Your Headaches Helping Prairie Village eliminate their headaches Finally, here we are. The final part to our four part headache series. A culmination of it all. This week we are looking at posture and how it affect your headaches. Poor posture leads to everything

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Aren’t All Chiropractors The Same?

One of our pet peeves is when we, as chiropractors, get lumped in with all other chiropractors.  While we share the same profession as our colleagues, that’s where a lot of the similarity ends.  The purpose of this blog is to emphasize a few of these differences. Two Types of Chiropractors A good way to

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Common Gym Exercises to Avoid

Common Gym Exercises to Avoid It pains us to see some people routinely performing exercises that are destroying their bodies. The worst part of it is that many people believe they are actually helping themselves! The purpose of this article is to look at five gym exercises that you shouldn’t be performing, tell you why,

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