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Fixing Sciatica with Nerve Flossing – Part 2

There are numerous things that cause sciatica or sciatic like pain. Last week we looked at disc herniations or disc bulges putting pressure on the nerve roots and causing sciatica. The focus of this article will be on adhesions along the sciatic nerve that cause sciatica and how nerve flossing can help. I’ve always pictured

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Stop Sitting! Get Up and Move!

Stop Sitting! Get Up and Move! Low back pain is a common occurrence in today’s world. About 80% of the population will have low back pain in their lives. At this very instance, 20-30% of us currently have back pain. A big reason for low back pain in today’s world is due to desk jobs

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To Stretch, Or Not To Stretch?

To Stretch, Or Not To Stretch? Some people do it every day, some people do it just once a week, and some haven’t done it for years.  While this could be true of many activities, today we are talking about stretching.  Most of us probably learned how to stretch way back in our elementary Physical

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The Rise of Youth Sports Injuries

The Rise of Youth Sports Injuries Over the past 10-15 years, there has been a large increase in the occurrence of injuries to young athletes. Shoulder and elbow injuries are up 500% in baseball and softball players. While anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries have increased 400%. There are numerous other examples for all sports. It’s obvious

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