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Fake Surgery vs Real Surgery. Any Difference? Part-I

Fake Surgery vs Real Surgery? Any Difference? Part-I Surgery for spine or joint pain is very common.  According to the CDC, there were 63 million visits to orthopedic surgery centers in 2010.  The American Association of Neurological Surgeons estimates that there were 1.5 million spinal surgeries performed in 2011.  When people are told they need

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Headaches and Posture – Part 4.

Headaches and How to Fix Them – Part 4 Posture and Your Headaches Helping Prairie Village eliminate their headaches Finally, here we are. The final part to our four part headache series. A culmination of it all. This week we are looking at posture and how it affect your headaches. Poor posture leads to everything

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Seven Myths Regarding Tendon Pain

Seven Myths Regarding Tendon Pain Plantar fasciitis? Achilles tendinitis? Jumper’s knee? Rotator cuff problem? Golfer’s elbow? Tennis elbow? Any of these sound familiar to you? If so, you might want to read this article.  How are all of these conditions similar? They are all different types of tendinopathies, which basically translates to “something is messed

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Aren’t All Chiropractors The Same?

One of our pet peeves is when we, as chiropractors, get lumped in with all other chiropractors.  While we share the same profession as our colleagues, that’s where a lot of the similarity ends.  The purpose of this blog is to emphasize a few of these differences. Two Types of Chiropractors A good way to

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Pregnancy and Unresolved Back Pain

Pregnancy and Unresolved Back Pain Don’t Let Back Pain Interfere with Your Pregnancy Part 1 Our first child coming in 8 weeks and my wife is now coming in for regular visits to keep pregnancy-related back pain at bay. Pregnancy, as you can imagine, has been on my mind a lot. Pregnancy can be a

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What is Dry Needling and How Can it Help Me?

What is Dry Needling? Many of you have heard we have integrated Dry Needling (DN) into our practice in the last 1-2 years. You might have heard it from us or another patient talking about the benefits of our “evil needles.” What you might not have heard is exactly what DN is and what it does. DN is

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