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Lauren W.

“Dr. Cotter is the best there is. I have pain in my neck, back and shoulders that flares up from overuse and I know that a couple visits at Active Health Solutions will get me back to doing the things I love. I have received dry needling, Graston, and chiropractic adjustments and am very happy

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Rebecca S.

“Dr. Cotter is by far the best chiropractor I have ever seen. There are no gimmicks in this office. He did a comprehensive physical exam and had me perform certain movements to see my baseline functionality. Then he taught me exercises to do daily to help with my complaints, in addition to giving me an

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Jennifer M.

“Would highly recommend Active Health Solutions. Dr. Cotter was able to find the root of my problem in one visit and had it treated with only a few more after that. He also provided me with at home exercises to aid in the recovery process. The office is clean, has a comfortable setting, and is

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Rachel W.

“I have a bulging disc and I saw 5 different people in 5 different offices before finding Dr. Remsburg. He was able to give me exercises that over a few weeks relieved almost all of my pain. Finding him saved me from surgery. I am so grateful for his thorough care and knowledge.”

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Lorraine F.

“I messed up my rotator cuff and my regular chiropractor really could do nothing for me. I went to see Dr. Remsburg and in just a few weeks, I was able to use my arm again, without any pain! Once we got that one back in shape, we started working on my other shoulder; the

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Bryan H.

“Being an endurance athlete I am always in need of some fine tuning and Jeff does a great job keeping me running and cycling! He listens and each session is specific to what is bothering me. My best example of his ability is from a couple years ago. I had wrecked my mountain bike and

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