Jessica R. from Roeland Park, KS


“I was suffering from shoulder pain for about 7 months that kept me from participating in the sporting activities that I love. A friend recommended me to Dr. Tom Cotter at Active Health Solutions. Dr. Cotter was able to diagnose my issue after the first visit. He performed traditional chiropractic adjustments, ART, and dry needle acupuncture. After 3 visits my shoulder felt as good as new and I was able to go back to participating in the sports I love.

What I appreciated most about Dr. Cotter was that on my first visit he said his goal was to get me to a point where his services were no longer necessary. I have been to quite a few chiropractors before and all of them were adamant that I keep up with regular adjustments, but really it just felt like they wanted my money. With Dr. Cotter, it seemed that he was genuinely interested in helping me solve my issue. I still see Dr. Cotter semi-regularly, whenever I feel my body is in need of some help, but he never pushes me to come in more than necessary.

Thank you, Dr. Cotter and Active Health Solutions for all your help!”