Treatment with McKenzie Method of Diagnosis and Therapy


We use various different treatment techniques and methods in our office, but one of the most important is the McKenzie Method of Diagnosis and Therapy, or MDT for short.  Named after renowned physical therapist Robert McKenzie, this technique is an absolutely invaluable tool for muscle, joint and spinal pain.  Rather than babbling on about what the technique really is, here’s a great video put together by the McKenzie Institute themselves:

Watching the video, there are a few key points that I want to emphasize.

  1. McKenzie is an assessment AND treatment technique.

    Every patient in our office that presents with pain goes through a McKenzie assessment.  The purpose of the assessment is to categorize the pain presentation which helps determine what treatment the patient needs.  Many times the best treatment is using the McKenzie method, other times it may be dry needling, or sometimes the best treatment may be a referral to another healthcare provider.  

  2. MDT treatment is PATIENT CENTERED.

    We, as chiropractors, do not fix your pain. Our job is to educate you and help you fix your pain.  We help you with your pain through exercises.  This is why we average less than 7 visits per injury.  A patient doing a simple exercise every few hours is far more valuable and effective than coming into our office 3x/week for months.

  3. The neck and back is often the source of arm and leg pain.

    When a patient presents with pain in the shoulder, hip, arm or leg, our first job is to make sure it’s not coming from the spine.  We have had countless times where a patient presents with what seems like shoulder pain only to find the pain is coming from the neck.  Have pain shooting down your leg? It’s probably coming from your back.  Have no idea where the pain “source” is? Let us help you find out.

  4. MDT provides a means to control future flare-ups.

    Unfortunately, the biggest risk factor for low back pain is a history of low back pain.  However, if a patient has gone through our office, they have a tool to be able to prevent and control any future problems.  In the rare occurrence that it doesn’t work the second time around they can come back to our office for a re-assessment.

  5. Can’t move? McKenzie is a great place to start.

    OK, so this one isn’t in the video but I wanted to address it.  When people think of chiropractors, they think of adjustments.  However, if you wake up and can barely walk or you’re in so much pain that you can’t move your neck, an adjustment might not even be an option for the first treatment.  For those issues, MDT is a great place to start as treatment will be used to restore normal motion.

So is MDT right for you?  Well, if you have pain, then yes, it is.  Our office is one the very few chiropractic offices in the Prairie Village and Kansas City area that heavily utilizes the McKenzie method and we would be glad to help you take control of your pain.