Hip Flexors: Test & Treat


Worried about tight hip flexors? This muscle group can often be an issue with low back pain, hip pain, knee pain or even shoulder pain. However, not every person who has one of these issues has tight hip flexors. That leads to a lot of unnecessary stretching, where that time could be better used for another muscle group (like one that is actually tight).

The picture below shows some of the musculature around the hip. We’re focusing on the psoas major, the iliacus and the tensor fasciae latae muscles. These are the primary hip flexors for this test.

Hip flexor musculature

In this video, you’ll see how to test your own hip flexors and how to stretch them if needed. The test for hip flexor tightness is called the Modified Thomas Test. For this test, you’ll want to use a bed or a table that’s a few feet off of the ground. This will allow your leg to hang freely while performing the test (it’ll make more sense after watching the video).

For the stretches, all you’ll need is a pillow or something similar to pad your knee while it’s on the ground. While this video only shows stretching, you can also refer to one of our earlier blog posts on how to properly foam roll the hip flexors as well.

Have any other muscle groups that you would like to know how to self-test and treat? Send us a message on our “Contact” page and let us know!

Jeff Remsburg DC MS DACRB Cert. MDT