Tired of Your Headaches?


So many of us struggle with headaches. Some of us lock ourselves in a dark room until it’s over. Others live on Excedrin Migraine. Some have no choice but to struggle through them.

Dry needling for tension headaches

Each person’s headache is different. There are different causes and different meanings to your headaches. They can be as simple as needing more sleep. Or they can range from specific adjustments or exercises to improve function to improving stability. And on the extreme end (very rare), they can be a warning sign of something very sinister happening.

A suboccipital stretch for headaches

With a one-off mild headache or after a night of celebrating, I wouldn’t worry too much about your headache. But, if you’ve had several, or they have become regular or extreme, you should have them checked out.

A neck stretch for cervicogenic headaches

I know in the middle of a headache the idea of someone moving you around and poking and prodding you might seem like the worse thing in the world, but that is one of the best times to get checked out. We can better tell what is and isn’t affecting your headaches.

A neck strengthening/trap relaxation exercise for headaches

As you can see from the different examples, there is no “one-size-fits-all” exercise for headaches. ” We find the exercise that best suits you and your headache. Every case is slightly different from the rest. Let us help you find the right treatment so that we can best help you live headache-free!