Low Back Pain Care in Prairie Village


Low Back Pain Prairie Village Chiropractic Care

How prevalent is low back pain today?

Research has show that 70-80% of the population will suffer from low back pain.  That means that in the Kansas City metro area alone, over 1,750,000 people will suffer from low back pain.  Often, low back pain will go away on its own.  But what is a person to do when it doesn’t go away after a few days?  

Enter the Chiropractor

This is where chiropractic care can offer great benefits.  Why? Because chiropractic care can often find and solve the root cause of the problem.  Was it restricted joints causing the pain? If so, chiropractic adjustments will help.  Maybe it was core instability.  If so, we can give you exercises to strengthen the muscles around your spine.  Is the pain arising from the muscles in your low back? We can offer dry needling, myofascial release and other methods to eliminate the muscle issues.

The Importance of a Large Toolbox

This large amount of treatment “tools” is what sets us apart from other chiropractors in the Kansas City area.  Adjustments alone are a great tool but can’t help with trigger points or instability.  Likewise, dry needling isn’t helpful for tight and restricted joints.  The more tools your chiropractor has at his or her disposal means more possibilities of a successful outcome for a person with low back pain.  Research even shows that using a combination of exercises and adjustments is far more effective than using just adjustments or just exercises.  

Don’t Let Low Back Pain Stop You

Low back pain places a huge burden on an individual.  Quality of life goes down dramatically.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case.  We can offer multiple treatment techniques to assess and treat the true cause of a person’s low back pain.  So, if you or anyone else you know in the Kansas City area suffers from low back pain, please reach out to us to discuss your case and any questions you have.  We’d be happy to answer any questions and we’d be honored to help you out so that you can live an active and healthy life.  
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